About Me

Hello lovelies,

I'm Nicole.  I was born in America but grew up in India and Thailand.  These places are my homes.  Each holds a special piece of me.  They have made me who I am and have formed how I see the world.  I love creating things; anything and everything I can get my little hands on.  Most of all, I love taking photos. 

I have seen so much in my life and cherish many memories.  I love that photos can document a point in time. I can keep them in my pocket to remind me of that moment.  I love the endless possibilities.  I love how they hold and freeze time.  I love how people relate to them.  I love how emotions are expressed through them.  I love pretty much everything about photography. 

I recently took this love to the next level.  This summer I did an intensive photography course at Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  It was an incredible learning experience.  I graduated in August and came back to my beautiful home of India.  I hope to keep chasing my dreams here. 

One dream I have is to capture pieces of  people's lives so they can have them forever.

Another dream I have is to bring change and hope to the women of India who are trapped in the sex trade. I want it abolished forever.  I plan on using my camera as a creative tool to help destroy it.  I have a million ideas in my head and want to run with them all.

So anyway, thanks for taking the time to look at my work and read a little about my passions and dreams.  I hope to meet you.  Who knows?  Maybe we can make our dreams come true together. 

With love, 

Nicole xxx


+91 844-714-6191